Our university was established by Law No. 7141 published in the Official Gazette No. 30425 on May 18, 2018, and the Personal Department is specified in Article 29 of the Decree Law No. 124; The rule "to carry out studies on the university's manpower and personnel policy, to make suggestions regarding the production of the personnel system, to appoint university personnel, to carry out transactions regarding summary and retirement matters, to organize and increase administrative pre-service and in-service training programs, to carry out activities to be increased" continues to serve. It does.

       Also in addition to this registration, in order to fulfill all kinds of summary sections in the best possible way in the academic and administrative networks operating at our university within the scope of laws no. 2547, 5510, 2914, 657 and relevant regulations and other current legislation, We aim to provide compatible and harmonious service.